Hello, we are Korikohri!

Korikohri is a bike bags and apparel company founded in 2013 in Rome and currently based in Milan, Italy.

Born out of a shared passion for cycling, adventure, and style, Korikohri was established by two friends who wanted to promote cycling and create an experience that is accessible, effortless, versatile, and comfortable.

Our products are crafted in small batches, ensuring that we avoid overproduction and unnecessary waste. Some of our bags are made-to-measure, tailored specifically to fit your unique needs. This commitment to customization allows us to create products that align perfectly with your preferences, eliminating any excess material or unnecessary resources.

At Korikohri, we pride ourselves on the integrity of our manufacturing process. We never rely on underpaid labor from distant locations. Instead, all our products are produced in our Milan studio, where each and every piece receives full attention.




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