Travel Bag Guide

Abimbola is the customized lightweight folding bag designed for stealth transporting of any bike on high-speed trains and long-distance buses at no extra charge, or simply in the back of a car. 

Both wheels should be taken off before placing the bike in the bag and the whole packing and unpacking procedure takes 3-5 minutes. This carry bag is very durable – we use weatherproof and ripstop fabrics, with discrete hi-viz elements. One front pocket is big enough for your helmet or other stuff that you want to off-load while on board. 

To make it in the right size we need to know the following real measures (if you plan to use it with several bicycles we need the measures of the largest one!), taken as described: 

Take off the wheels and put the bicycle on the floor.

Vertical measurements: should start from the topmost point (saddle or bars, most likely saddle) down to the bottom (the big chainring should touch the floor as the lowest point of the frame).

Horizontal measurements: start from the bar end of bars rotated 90 degrees to the extreme part of the rear dropout.

Ensure you take the horizontal projection and not the diagonals connecting the two points.

It takes us around 1-3 days to produce the bag from the receiving order and the measurements we need. Once it’s ready, we ship it with 48h Courier Service.

N.B. Kindly ensure that you record the exact measurements without adding or omitting any centimeters. This will help us tailor a travel bag that correctly fits your bicycle.


Our bags are not suited for air travel since there is no padding – we give no guarantee for that even if there were clients who have successfully used this bag in the airplane cargo hold.

Let us know if you need any further information.

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